Repurposed Electrical Wire Copper Hoops

Repurposed Electrical Wire Copper Hoops

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Copper is humans best conductor of heat and electricity.  The fact that these hoops are hand crafted from repurposed electrical wire, should add a little more spark to your day.

Used since c. 8000 BC, Copper was the first metal humans utilized as it comes malleable straight from the earth. Copper carries endless folk and mystical lore.  Many believe when worn it acts as a conductor of the physical to spiritual world; opening blocked energy and connecting one with the divine.

It has been used to relieve arthritis and is believed to attract luck, love, as well as money.

These earrings are surprisingly light, look amazing when doubled up (for folks with two piercings in each ear) with the needle bone earrings and the hypo allergenic niobium ear wire can be worn by even those with the most sensitive of sensitivities to metal. They will not get stuck on your cloths or in your hair and will last decades.





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