Needle bone tears

Needle bone tears

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The needle bone is located in the front leg of the deer.  It lays above the dew claws and provides the animal the ability to make high jumps, absorb the impactful shock of the land, then bound on with grace.

May wearing the needle bone provide the one adorned, with the ability to take majestic leaps, absorb the stress of the land and bound on with grace toward their hopes and dreams.

These bones are called needle bones because they were used as awls for sewing before the advent of metal tools.

Both the two and three needle bone tears make a gentle clicking noise when worn.  The chain they dangle from gives them more movement than the single needle bones and a soft, feathery look and feel as they float above the collar bone.  

These earrings are a blast to wear.  They are certain to add a faltering flare to any outfit.

They can be made to any color scheme you would like.  

two needle bones sterling:
metal hoop:
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