Single Needle Bone

Single Needle Bone


The needle bone is located in the front leg of the deer. It lays above the dew claws and provides the animal the ability to make high jumps, absorb the impact and shock of the land, then bound on, with grace.

May wearing the needle bone provide the adorned, the ability to take majestic leaps, absorb the stress of the land and bound on with grace toward their hopes and dreams.

This bone was used as an awl by traditional people around the world, hence the name "needle bone".

These earrings are easy to wear everyday whether it be for work or play.

Like the deer themselves  the needle bones come in a variety of sizes. Choose between small, medium and long, as well as your choice of metal: repurposed electrical wire (with hypo-allergenic, niobium ear wires) or sterling silver.



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Custom orders are happily received.  Let me know what colors you would like for you Needle Bone Tears and I will happily make you a pair that best fits your color palette!