Talcon Quinn

Ethically crafted jewelry, baskets, and leather

In an age where it can be difficult to navigate ethical purchasing choices, one can rest assured that these pieces of art carry no soul tax* of any sort!  Talcon Quinn exclusively uses sustainably, ethically, and naturally collected materials, that are processed by hand, caringly, and without the use of toxic materials.  


Talcon Quinn is not only the designer and craftsperson of these beautiful pieces of adornment, but also the gatherer and processor of the materials.  These marvelous pieces help one carry their connectedness to the natural world as a reminder to make choices that respect all life.


Talcon Quinn also overs classes, teaches at gathering and folk schools around the country.  She is very enthusiastic about sharing knowledge.  Feel free to reach out to her for more information about the upcoming classes and events or to invite her to teach near you.

*Soul Tax: A spiritual tax that is put into the cosmos when an object is created by unfair labor, unethically collected, or is processed with nasty chemicals.  An object may also carry “soul tax” if the seller is dishonest about how it was obtained or the manner in which it was treated or cared for.