Paw Paw & Persimon Seeds

Paw Paw & Persimon Seeds

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Both Asimina triloba (PawPaw) and Diospyros virginians (American Persimmon) are native Appalachian fruits that have fed the people of these hills for centuries. 

PawPaw seeds are the larger seeds photographed, half and inch or larger, glossy with a smoothness that is soothing to touch.  

Persimmon seeds are the smaller ones and have texture to their skin.  As well as hints of glittery-ness to them when you look close.

These seeds look great with an array of colors.  The longer design has a joyful feel as it dangles and dances from your ears. The shorter ones are so light and versatile, you will leave them in for days with out changing them. Adroning oneself in these seeds, one can feel the sweetness the people of these Appalachian hills have enjoyed for lifetimes.

If there is a color scheme you desire, please send a note.  



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