Paw Paw Seeds

Paw Paw Seeds


Adnored with Asimina triloba (PawPaw) and Platanus occidentalis (sycamore) seeds this chain linked with repurposed electrical wire is a necklace one will put on and rarely take off.  

The fruits of the PawPaw have fed the people of the Appalachian region for centuries.  Sycamore trees, whose brilliant white branches earned them the nickname "ghost trees" have endless amounts of lore dating back to ancient time in Egypt and Rome.  For countless centuries they have served as a meeting place of study and a symbol of continuous hope even in the bleakest of times

Adorning oneself with PawPaw seeds, one can feel the sweetness the people of these Appalachian hills have enjoyed for lifetimes and in sycamore seed pods the feeling of continuous hope.

If there is a color scheme you desire, or a length, please send a note.  Necklaces can easily be made to order.

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