Ceanothus aka Red Root

Ceanothus aka Red Root

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Ceanothus is a great bitter, alternative with a focus on the lympathic system.

Bitters help humans with digestion by stimulating the recreations of salvia in our mouth, then triggering all the other digestive juices to fire at just the right time. Amazingly, this herb magically helps one digest fat. Do you ever get that gross yuck feel after eating a super fat heavy food? A squirt of Red Root tincture will help you digest it easier and quickly feel better. So you may have your fat and eat it to.

Alteratives, are a grouping of herbs that encourage the body to do what it needs to do to push out disease. Ceanothus does this particularly well for illness that effect the lymphs. So should you get a cold that gets your lymphs irritated or you are unfortunately enough to get strep, a few dropper fulls of this herb, multiple times a day will help push that out of you quickly.

It can also be super helpful for breast tenderness caused by cysts and ovarian cysts.

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